Ko Mahi, Ko Kai

Te ao Maori is filled with whakatauki, wise sayings that encapsulate big concepts. I thought that at this difficult time it might be worth reflecting on some of these. These come from the book. Mauri Ora – wisdom from the Mãori world.

Ko mahi, ko Kai – industry is food

Ko noho, ko iri – idleness is hunger.

At this time of lockdown idleness can be very appealing. For those who have nowhere to go, no one to account to, it is tempting to simply plonk in front of a screen and wait until it is over.

I wonder abut the difference you might feel about yourself, between coming out of lockdown with a bunch of unmemorable shows you have watched, versus coming out if it fitter, with some new skills, a new hobby, to be connected with people in your life who you have lost touch with.

If you are a parent, this time is going to be hard, as kids are going to get bored. Rather than you all staring at a screen watching re-runs, maybe you can spend this time doing something together, so you might use your screen time to find interesting activities to learn. Maybe together, you can learn to identify some of the stars we see in our night sky, to learn about native plants, to learn another language, like Maori! Learn some new recipes.

This can be a time to feed your mind. The choice might be, do I feed it junk food, or do I feed it something healthy?