Hayley Crenfeldt

As a counsellor, I offer the opportunity to help you process the difficult emotions you are experiencing in a safe, warm, confidential and non-judgemental environment. I am committed to creating a space where people feel supported and listened too. Together, we can work through what is troubling you with a view to enhancing self-awareness, personal strength and resilience.

I work from a relational person-centred, strength-based perspective. I am passionate about valuing your unique lived experiences and will take the time to understand what they mean to you, with the intention that we can create the ideal platform towards your hopes and dreams. I recognise the strength and courage it takes to seek support. I commit to journeying alongside you while you reconnect with what is important to you.

“Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takimano”

“My strength is not that of an individual, but that of a collective”

Areas of Work:

  • Young people, Adolescents and Adults
  • Relationship with self and or others
  • Identity, Self-worth and confidence
  • LGBTQIA and community
  • Resilience building and connecting with strengths
  • Navigating life
  • Family issues
  • Maternal mental health (perinatal care)
  • Grief and loss
  • Eating disorder and body image
  • Mental and emotional distress

Availability & Fee

My days of work are: Thursday 9am – 3.30pm and Friday 8.30am to 3pm

Individuals $120 hr session

I am registered with Gumboot Friday (I Am Hope)This gives 2 funded sessions for those under 25yrs.

To book an appointment you can book online  here, call the office on 07-578-0959 or email me direct at hayleyc@baycounselling.co.nz

I am also contactable on my mobile – 027 571 3282

Professional Qualifications & Membership

Bachelor of Counselling

Provisional Member of NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors) abiding by their code of ethics.

Certificate in Early Childhood Education

I attend regular supervision, cultural supervision and ongoing personal development

About Me

I have been married for 24 years and have four incredible daughters and a grandson who is the love of my life. I moved to Tauranga in 2005 as I am very passionate about the ocean and nature. In 2011 I moved to London for five years. Living abroad was an experience of a lifetime; being able to take in the cultures and history of Europe with my family has impacted my life significantly. 

My background is in Early Childhood Education, although, from a very young age, I have wanted to pursue a career as a counsellor. I put this on hold to raise my children and support my husband in his career. I worked as a teacher aide for a few years before following my dream of completing a counselling degree. Having a rich experience working with young people at a high school and then at Bethlehem Birthing Centre during my studies has given me a great passion for supporting young people as well as maternal mental health. Most recently, I have been working as a guidance counsellor at Pāpāmoa College, journeying alongside students and their whānau through the challenges they face.

I enjoy spending time with people in my world that uplift me, and love being at the beach and in nature. I have a massive love for documentaries and movies based on true stories and most of the time enjoy doing this while eating something delicious!