Covid 19…do and don’t

I was out with a friend who is desperately worried about Covid 19 (and, yes, we probably shouldn’t have met).  Her concerns are entirely reasonable but it was apparent to me that her worry was changing nothing but it was compromising her health.  Stress lowers our resistance and makes us vulnerable to any sickness.

I suspect one of the reasons we worry like this is our habit of either/or thinking.  Either I take this virus serious and worry like mad, or I think it is a storm-in-a-teacup, ignore the “new rules” and laugh at those who are worrying.  Maybe we connect worrying with taking it seriously, and not worrying with not taking the pandemic seriously.

I suggest doing both – in my previous blogs I have advocated both/and thinking rather than either/or thinking.

To do this we take it seriously and we don’t worry. We follow the guidelines for keeping everyone safe, and while doing that we also we look for humour, we connect with our spiritual self by walking on the beach or in the forest where possible, surfing,  going fishing, gardening, playing our musical instruments, meditating, stretching, practicing diaphragmatic breathing and so forth.  We share the funny posts on social media.  My favourite is this one.  We use time in isolation to reconnected…call  or, better still Skype, someone you haven’t spoken to in months or years.  By doing this, and keeping ourself balanced and happy, we actually keep ourselves safer and we may come out of this thing a better version of ourself.

On that note – make the best of this very bad deal!

From Steve Gore