Our Whakapapa

Bay Counselling and Therapy Service started in August 1989.  It was founded by Sarah Calvert (1989-2003), Keith Crosby (1989-2017), Nancy Morrow-Hogg (1989 – 2020), Diane Gittos (1989-1995) & Gillian Moir (1989-2009).  

At first it was hard to find a building as no real estate agent would believe that private “counselling” could be a viable business.

With some persistence they managed to secure 68 Tenth Ave, where we have been ever since.  It has become the base of operations for 19 psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors over that time.  

Much of the early work was done through government funded programs but, as the public is seeing more and more the benefits of “talk therapy”, we are seeing more and more private clients.